Lord Lawrence Dundas

Commissioner-Regent of Syrtis Major and Conservative Politician


Zetland was born in London, the son of the Hon. John Charles Dundas, younger son of Lawrence Dundas, 1st Earl of Zetland. His mother was Margaret Matilda, daughter of James Talbit. He was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge, being commissioned as a Cornet in the Royal Horse Guards in 1866.

By 1869 a Lieutenant, Zetland retired from the British Army in 1872 and was elected Member of Parliament for Richmond, North Yorkshire that same year. However, he sat in the House of Commons for less than a year before succeeding his uncle as third Earl of Zetland. A Lord in Waiting from May to September 1880, Lord Zetland subsequently moved from supporting the Liberals to joining the Conservative Party in 1884.

In the Spring of 1882 he was dispatched to the colony at Parhoon to replace Sir Philip Adelaide and persecute the Gorovaan War. A cool hand and experienced commander, Lord Dundas now stays within the Residency at Syrtis Major and runs the Oenetrian War from it.


Lord Lawrence Dundas

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