The Crown Colony of Syrtis Major

Commissioner-Regent: Lord Lawrence Dundas
Native Ruler (deposed): Amraamtaba X

The Crown Colony of Sytris Major serves as the central armory and administrative hub of the British holdings on Mars. From the Residency, Lord Dundas oversees the Chief Commissioners of the various states that border Syrtis Major. The South Wales Borderers (a regiment of 800 men under Sir David Baird, colonel) are stationed at the Armory here and serve as a permanent detachment to the colony.

It is the only colonial holding with a functioning shipyard for liftships and, since the beginning of the Oenetrian War, has been the primary landing point for large numbers of British troops as well as the central training area for native troops under Crown supervision.

Places in Syrtis Major

The Green Dragon Pub
Located across from Syrtis Cathedral, this British-style public house was established shortly after the conquest of the city by a former regimental bugler of the Wales Borderers, Trevor Llewyn. Llewyn is famous for serving the members of the Colonial Office and the armed forces at a discount. It’s the only establishment in Syrtis Major that is strictly no Martians.

A traditional Martian-style bhutan and thalik parlour located down the run from the Green Dragon, Shabengora is owned by the extremely obsequious Thelik Pashook. The 5th Martian Foot call Shabengora their home away from home, though they are technically not permitted to indulge in the traditional bhutan ceremonies of their people. Pashook is a great friend of the British and said to be deep in the black market of Syrtis Major.

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The Crown Colony of Syrtis Major

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